Gluten Free – Day 42 – I can do better than Glutino


I’m feeling so much better sans the gluten. My skin is starting to look better, and I wasn’t even aware that it could. Specifically my digestive system is a lot happier with my new diet.

What I want to say today is brief. Namely, I realized that part of what “held me back” from choosing a gluten-free diet long ago was the cost of Glutino products. Glutino is a major brand, and it’s one of the first things you see when you are considering gluten free products at the grocery store. Many of their product types are traditionally gluten-containing products such as pop-tarts, and pretzels; but, Glutino has produced these familiar food types gluten free.  Looking at the price tags, however, can turn anyone’s stomach sour.

I don’t need Glutino to go gluten-free!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – and in the label! After a while of practicing the art of ‘reading labels,’ it becomes navigable terrain to avoid gluten while still making cost-effective food choices at the grocery store. For example, the other day I got Trader Joe’s Corn Spaghetti Pasta for about the same price as regular gluten-type pasta. Also, eating rice noodles is more pleasurable to me now – a purchase that’s very affordable, especially at one of the Asian grocery markets in town. So, look beyond the brand, and look closely at the label. Try new foods.

What’s your cost-effective solution? What aspects of a gluten-free diet require the greatest dietary adjustments for you? Is anything about your gluten-free diet easier than you expected?


Strong Dark Chocolate: Check for Gluten! – Day 32




At school two days ago, I needed a little bit of what I call Chocolate Magic, so I bought from the vending machine. I don’t prefer doing it that way, but the walnuts I packed for lunch wanted something more – and so did my taste buds!

Well, that didn’t work out so well…

When you select from a vending machine, you don’t know what you are getting. This is why I want to share with you what this particular product says, “May contain traces of milk, wheat, peanuts, or other nuts.” I’ve been doing my *very* best to stay on task with my gluten-free diet. After all, even though I’m not going to bring out the band, I have noticed that this recent set-back or disc re-herniation was a lot shorter-lasting. I’m getting stronger. I stand now for my 3-hour long classes – the *whole* time!

I believe that together, we can do it! I believe that educating each other is the way. Too many people suffer period – from celiac disease, from gluten-intolerance, and from painful inflammation. My experiment has been going well so far – and I’m going to keep with this diet.

The wheat crop is not the same as our ancestors ate. It’s different. It was rendered ‘different’ because we needed to yield more crop to feed more people – that’s what I hear, anyways. (When I have more time, I will return and cite a reference. If you already have one feel free to leave the reference in the comment section. The truth is out there!) There’s more to it than just GMO, too. There’s a genetic relationship that we have to the land. We grow with everything, and not separately.

Please realize that the “sensitivities” of “some people” might be a part of the healing for everyone. For some people, they may get so ill from gluten that it’s seriously important to point out these things to people – and help them. 

Finally, I’ll leave you with the love poem that sold me the chocolate that I didn’t really want,

“I love thee–I love thee!

Thy bright and hazel glance,

Whose tender tones entrance;

But most, dear heart of hearts, thy proofs

That still these words enhance.

I love thee–I love thee!

Whatever be thy chance.”

–Thomas Hood


Day 29 – Gluten Free at the Grocery Store



We have a gluten-free festival at our neighborhood grocery store this weekend. I can’t believe it! I’m on day 29, and I am not kidding, there is this deep bodily knowing that I’ve made a good choice for me in going Gluten-Free. I don’t see any reason to go back to eating things with gluten in them!  

I am aware however that for some people this is like a serious addiction. I’ve seen some things that indicate that there are opioid receptors involved with gliadin, a component of the gluten complex. The link shows an abstract for a study that demonstrates some opioid-like activity on the receptors from wheat gluten complex. 

This is no fad. This is serious. I can just say from experience that I feel much better without the gluten. It’s also just one PART of my healing process. Inflammation builds up over time, and it has its affects on what nutrition your body is even capable of absorbing.

Another good source for information on food/diet/health is Body Ecology, a book by Donna Gates. I was fortunate to be introduced to this book back in 2008, and I’m still learning from it! See the website at  You can also subscribe to the Body Ecology newsletter, and learn more from the free conference at during which author of “Wheat Belly,” Dr. William Davis, will be speaking. 

Back Home Again – Day 22 – Challenges and the GOOD STUFF


I recently returned from my trip back East. I’m glad to be home. 

A couple of days before I left, I read the label on one of my favorite Yogi Teas. I had not anticipated having a gluten problem with my tea; I already started drinking it! Sure enough, it read, “barley malt extract.” Alas, the tea is not gluten free. So, suffice it to say, it’s not my favorite tea for a long while, if ever again. The tea will be a gift to someone else who can *fully* appreciate it. It’s called, “Healthy Fasting,” and it’s designed to help with detoxification. See the link above. I may want to write them a letter.

Some of my GI problems are clearing up. I’m able to “let go” more. I may have had reduced inflammation in my body because I had started to jog without an issue (2 weeks ago). But, sadly on my trip back East, and while still at the airport, it seemed like I had re-herniated my intervertebral disc. I moved in a way that caused some nerve pain – like I got kicked in the back. Basically, I had just walked off the plane and was saying to my husband “I feel so grateful that I can walk like this again.” We had a long stretch to walk from our first connecting flight to our next gate. 

So, I don’t know if I’m benefiting from decreased inflammation yet.

I have an amazing friend and chiropractor. She practices NSA (Network Spinal Analysis). She was able to help me stabilize the pain, and start the healing process again. This was during the days immediately following my return from the airport and the traumatic experience of that. I had re-injured my disc at the very beginning of my 5-hour layover in Detroit, and before my final 4-5 hour flight home. Needless to say, that it was so uncomfortable, that it even took an emotional toll on both myself and my husband.

Feeling incredibly grateful for my friend and chiropractor, as well as my school (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine), and my husband… I feel like I am in good hands. I *know* that no matter how traumatic or whatever painful experiences I have, I will become a much better practitioner, and my compassion, self-discipline, patience, all that GOOD STUFF… is growing. 

I was going to write about this on “My Healing Journey” blog, but I want to use that blog to communicate longer term trends. This blog, my blog about my diet and yummy stuff, will be updated more frequently.

Typing challenges:

Sitting can be very uncomfortable for me. Laying on my stomach and typing can be hard on my wrists and elbows as well as my neck, but is good for my back, because it’s sort of like cobra pose. That’s the other way I get by; I do cobra poses and backbends. I will reserve most of my writing and my need to type for school work. Please, if I do not reply quickly to comments, please understand how much I appreciate them. Hopefully I can learn to balance commenting with writing like the rest of y’all out there – you amazing blogging folks & inspiring friends.

Now for the good stuff:  

I found a great website on Gluten-Free eating. When I’m feeling well enough to cook, I’d like to try some of the recipes. If you are interested in trying any of them, let me know what you think! I was in a special mood for Oreo’s and that’s how I found this treasure: “PLAYING WITH OUR FOOD: Gluten-Free-Girl & the Chef”

Enjoy this website with me. I think she took the photo there up top. I read her ‘about’ section, and see how valuable she is as a resource to others – I want to showcase that! Hopefully someone can benefit.