Gluten Free – Day 42 – I can do better than Glutino


I’m feeling so much better sans the gluten. My skin is starting to look better, and I wasn’t even aware that it could. Specifically my digestive system is a lot happier with my new diet.

What I want to say today is brief. Namely, I realized that part of what “held me back” from choosing a gluten-free diet long ago was the cost of Glutino products. Glutino is a major brand, and it’s one of the first things you see when you are considering gluten free products at the grocery store. Many of their product types are traditionally gluten-containing products such as pop-tarts, and pretzels; but, Glutino has produced these familiar food types gluten free.  Looking at the price tags, however, can turn anyone’s stomach sour.

I don’t need Glutino to go gluten-free!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – and in the label! After a while of practicing the art of ‘reading labels,’ it becomes navigable terrain to avoid gluten while still making cost-effective food choices at the grocery store. For example, the other day I got Trader Joe’s Corn Spaghetti Pasta for about the same price as regular gluten-type pasta. Also, eating rice noodles is more pleasurable to me now – a purchase that’s very affordable, especially at one of the Asian grocery markets in town. So, look beyond the brand, and look closely at the label. Try new foods.

What’s your cost-effective solution? What aspects of a gluten-free diet require the greatest dietary adjustments for you? Is anything about your gluten-free diet easier than you expected?