Strong Dark Chocolate: Check for Gluten! – Day 32




At school two days ago, I needed a little bit of what I call Chocolate Magic, so I bought from the vending machine. I don’t prefer doing it that way, but the walnuts I packed for lunch wanted something more – and so did my taste buds!

Well, that didn’t work out so well…

When you select from a vending machine, you don’t know what you are getting. This is why I want to share with you what this particular product says, “May contain traces of milk, wheat, peanuts, or other nuts.” I’ve been doing my *very* best to stay on task with my gluten-free diet. After all, even though I’m not going to bring out the band, I have noticed that this recent set-back or disc re-herniation was a lot shorter-lasting. I’m getting stronger. I stand now for my 3-hour long classes – the *whole* time!

I believe that together, we can do it! I believe that educating each other is the way. Too many people suffer period – from celiac disease, from gluten-intolerance, and from painful inflammation. My experiment has been going well so far – and I’m going to keep with this diet.

The wheat crop is not the same as our ancestors ate. It’s different. It was rendered ‘different’ because we needed to yield more crop to feed more people – that’s what I hear, anyways. (When I have more time, I will return and cite a reference. If you already have one feel free to leave the reference in the comment section. The truth is out there!) There’s more to it than just GMO, too. There’s a genetic relationship that we have to the land. We grow with everything, and not separately.

Please realize that the “sensitivities” of “some people” might be a part of the healing for everyone. For some people, they may get so ill from gluten that it’s seriously important to point out these things to people – and help them. 

Finally, I’ll leave you with the love poem that sold me the chocolate that I didn’t really want,

“I love thee–I love thee!

Thy bright and hazel glance,

Whose tender tones entrance;

But most, dear heart of hearts, thy proofs

That still these words enhance.

I love thee–I love thee!

Whatever be thy chance.”

–Thomas Hood



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