Day 29 – Gluten Free at the Grocery Store



We have a gluten-free festival at our neighborhood grocery store this weekend. I can’t believe it! I’m on day 29, and I am not kidding, there is this deep bodily knowing that I’ve made a good choice for me in going Gluten-Free. I don’t see any reason to go back to eating things with gluten in them!  

I am aware however that for some people this is like a serious addiction. I’ve seen some things that indicate that there are opioid receptors involved with gliadin, a component of the gluten complex. The link shows an abstract for a study that demonstrates some opioid-like activity on the receptors from wheat gluten complex. 

This is no fad. This is serious. I can just say from experience that I feel much better without the gluten. It’s also just one PART of my healing process. Inflammation builds up over time, and it has its affects on what nutrition your body is even capable of absorbing.

Another good source for information on food/diet/health is Body Ecology, a book by Donna Gates. I was fortunate to be introduced to this book back in 2008, and I’m still learning from it! See the website at  You can also subscribe to the Body Ecology newsletter, and learn more from the free conference at during which author of “Wheat Belly,” Dr. William Davis, will be speaking. 


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