Green-Lipped Mussel & The Second Brain- Day 25


I made it to class this week! I’ve nearly returned to my former base-line health; that is, before the re-jury last week. I was told by one doctor that my overall situation is chronic ‘at this point,’ and I’m referring to my disc herniation; it is chronic.  What does “chronic” mean, other than “it reoccurs.”  Well, here’s the truth: I won’t accept that. TO ME, that only describes the past, and logically, it does describe the present. But, it does not necessitate the future!

Here’s to a Return to Health

I’ll get there. Come with me. Be with me. Heal with me.

Here’s what I discovered this week from my gluten-free diet & my mission to reduce inflammation – since after all, these things *are connected.*

There are two different pathways to inflammation: LOX and COX

The LOX are the Leukotrienes, and the COX are the Prostaglandins and the Thromboxanes. Leukotrienes, Prostaglandins, and Thromboxanes are all chemicals which are known to cause inflammation in the body. Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory (NSAIDS) medicines function only by inhibiting the COX pathway. They don’t address the LOX. There’s a particular fatty acid (a unique type of Omega-3) in the green-lipped mussel, called Omega-3 tetraenoic. Luckily, this special fatty acid can be found in the green-lipped Mussel.

Good Read:

The Second Brain: A Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous Disorders of the Stomach and Intestine, by Michael D. Gershon M.D.

I’m still reading it; but I wanted to mention it because it’s really helpful in contributing to my scientific understanding of the enteric nervous system. It’s even an entertaining read. 🙂

“Dr. Gershon has the gift of explaining complex concepts in simple terms without sacrificing scientific precision, and he conveys the suspense and creative rivalry that characterize contemporary neuroscience.” -David L. Wingate, D.M., FRCP, Professor of Gastointestinal Science, Department of Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Science Research Unit, The Royal London Hospital.




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