Day 9- Gluten-free

Wow. How did that happen? Somehow, I jumped to day 9. I guess I have been preoccupied with other projects. I DO remember, however, as I took some mental notes about any snags along the way. Nevertheless, I stayed gluten-free to my own standards.  What does that mean?

Well, a couple of days ago I noticed that the blue corn chips that I was eating with some awesome spinach, artichoke, and cheese dip, were made in a non-gluten-free factory. I think I’m not going to do that again. I didn’t experience any consequences that I was aware of, but, I’m feeling pretty motivated to stay on task in my gluten-free diet.

Other mention-ables

I live near an Italian restaurant. The smells of dough emanates through my driveway and through my doorway. What do you think? Smelling gluten, is that okay? I’m gonna let that one slide. I can appreciate vicariously the Italian delights going on “over there” through my nose – thank you very much! Still, the gluten-y garlic breads, pastas, and pizza doughs are *not* inside of my GI tract. Issue is closed.

Finally, it’s not just the Italian cuisine that hosts some of my previously favorite gluten-filled dishes. I have occasional cravings for Naan bread from an Indian restaurant. Best description:

If there’s anything that will make you fall in love with Indian food, it’s naan. This flatbread from the North of India is juxtaposition at its most beautiful: pillowy and elastic, with dark charred bubbles and a crispy bottom. It’s usually made in a tandoor oven, a clay oven that can reach up to 900 degrees F! That’s hard to replicate at home, but this stovetop version comes pretty darned close…”
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About Indian food:

I’ll put it this way: I love it when my food makes me sweat.

Yesterday, my husband and I got to experience Indian food (tikka masala) with white rice. No bread, no naan – I was too busy LOVING the flavor of my entree to notice. Luckily, he and I are both gluten-free. Wow, that’s rare!

Good advice: Make sure you tell your server that you are gluten-free. Lots of things have gluten hidden in them. You already are putting yourself “at risk” by eating in a restaurant where you can’t check your labels. You have greater assurance based on the way the server responds.  After all, it’s always your choice to get up and leave – so look over the menu first, and discuss it with your server. All in all, I was pretty happy with San Diego’s “World Curry” restaurant. Good prices, good food, and an informed wait-staff. Top that off with its location in Pacific Beach (a fun neighborhood), and management who brings you dessert (coconut ice cream – two spoons) and loves to see your happy face; It’s just obvious they know what they are doing!

Feel free to check out “My Healing Journey” blog (I’ll hopefully create a link when I come back and edit this). At “My Healing Journey” you will learn more about what’s going on with “My Healing Journey.” I’ll be writing it. If you get there first and it’s not there yet… stay tuned. I have updates!



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