Day 4-

Today is day 4 of my gluten free diet. I love it! Mostly, I love it because I’ve realized how easy it is to be gluten free. If I want cookies, I can have them. I just tried the best gluten free cookies, ever.  Yesterday, courtesy of an awesome employee who could give me his opinion on all the gluten free cookies in the store, I chose.

Trader Joe’s:  Gluten free Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies (very, very tasty. It was on the thin-side for cookies, but the flavor is so amazing; it barely matters that these cookies are flat and a tad bit brittle, because they are heaven in my mouth). They still taste homemade; at least like one’s I’ve made before.

Not that I am all that interested in cookies (I mean they taste good) but, they aren’t high in nutrition-density.

So far, I haven’t noticed any differences in the way I am feeling in terms of my digestive system. As far as my pain levels go – that’s difficult to gauge because I am healing from a spinal disc rupture/herniation. Therefore, I’ve experienced my healing gains as being week to week, regardless of whether or not I have been eating a gluten free diet. I anticipate continued improvements in pain and flexibility, while building muscle strength and core support.

I don’t expect quick results nor immediate feedback from my body about my new gluten-free diet. In fact, there’s the possibility that even after having stopped eating gluten for a certain period of time, some of my digestive problems might even worsen for a time, before they get better. 

I’m going for the long-view here. I want to see how important gluten really is for my nutrition. Do I even need it? And, Can I find increasingly more efficient ways to spend my money while going gluten free. That is, can I get by without the high-priced alternatives?

I think the answer is yes. I will also say that I’m grateful for gluten-free alternatives. When I sample some of those alternatives, I’ll offer my opinion of them here. Otherwise, I may not really crave alternatives all that much. We shall see. I ‘do’ know that when the body wants something (like gluten) it’ll find a way to make you crave something that you’ve forgotten has gluten in it.  I will continue to be watchful, and stick to my plan.




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