Today is day 1 –

I’m writing this blog as a continuous incentive for myself to change my food habits into ones that are easier on my body. Specifically, I am eliminating gluten from my diet for 1-2 months. This is a decision that isn’t coming from any conviction about the science behind it all, but from a place of empowerment (and a little bit of righteous anger) as I shore up my will, and my desire, to exercise greater freedom from a place of increased wellbeing. 

I am selling it to myself in the following way. I am not curbing myself nor punitively exercising against my pleasure for food, rather I am extricating myself from feeling disempowered, from having my appetite for breads and my heritage of pasta weigh down on my intestines in ways that may have been undue. I especially don’t like the fact that breads, pastas, and wheat & gluten-based foods have had a “hold on me.”

As an Italian, I am re-directing my love and passion elsewhere. This is my choice to take all this awesome energy that I have devoted to the sensory pleasure of eating, and go on an adventure – one with my taste buds, and more intriguingly on adventure into a land of “NO.” I need a long break. I need to see what this relationship with wheat & gluten was really worth.

I’m tired of gluten!!

Let’s see what happens next.

In the meantime, I have compiled some information for revisiting in the event that I should feel the addiction for bread. I’m not necessarily interested in weight loss, but who couldn’t enjoy feeling more trim and fit?!

I’m going for the benefits of happy bathroom habits. I’m going for the benefit of more energy. I’m going for the idea that I can drop the “dead weight” and useless consumption of food that is potentially little more than addiction. Add that I am Italian, and pasta consumption has so many positive associations, I’ll see if an alternative will ever work (so far I have tried and failed in that department).

Please let me know if YOU have any GOOD ideas, any great brands or recipes for my discerning palate to partake.

Some links on wheat addiction:



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